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Bolt Travel: The Meaning of The Name Bolt Travel

Published on 14/03/2018 by Jozo Suton

Read this article to learn how we designed the name Bolt Travel for our travel agency.

At first, we thought it would be very easy to think of the perfect name for our agency, but in fact, it was very difficult. We would come up with several names that would describe our business perfectly and would be easy to remember and then later we would discover that somebody else has the same or similar name as we thought. However, after the very long process of designing the name, we came up with the name Bolt Travel.

The Meaning of The Name Bolt Travel

The name Bolt Travel has two meanings. The first meaning of the name can be understood through the image of a thunderbolt which describes the online business of Bolt Travel as a fast, secure and reliable online booking platform that will help book your perfect holiday in just a few clicks.


The second meaning of the name, what is very interesting, is that the name Bolt is actually an acronym which in detail describes our business.

Bolt Travel The Meaning of the Name Bolt Travel

BBooking: Book your perfect holiday through Bolt Travel’s available products and services.

OOnline: Book your perfect holiday with just a few clicks on our website and booking platform.

LLuxurious: Providing you with the highest quality travel products and services that are the best value for money.

TTrustworthy: Providing you with accurate and detailed information, high-quality content, precise booking guidelines, secure payment and support during your booking process and travel.

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