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Our Story: The Founding of Bolt Travel

Published on 27/02/2018 by Jozo Suton
Our Story: The Founding of Bolt Travel

Read our story about how Bolt Travel was founded. Check out to see what our mission and goals are. Understand our values and qualities.

Our Story


On the 19th October 2017, Bolt Travel was created. Bolt Travel was founded by a group of young people with university degrees in different fields with strong interests and experiences in travel.

Mission & Objectives

The company’s aim is to use our knowledge and skills to create new and unique products and services which will provide you with the best and unforgettable travel experiences. We offer a wide range of high-quality travel products and services.

Our Qualities

Comparing with other travel agencies, Bolt Travel can be described through the following qualities which make us better than them:

Local Experts

We will provide you with our expert knowledge and insights in the best accommodations, travel sites and amenities in Croatia. The information that is provided about the apartment is accurate because team members visit each apartment before putting it on the webpage.

Quality Service

We will always strive in bringing and providing you with the best quality products and services as you expect.

Personalised Services

We will always try to specially adapt our products, services and our relationship to your specific needs, wishes, and desires.

Value for Money

We guarantee that you will always get what you are paying for, even more.

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