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The Nights of Diocletian

Published on 08/08/2018 by Jozo Suton

The Nights of Diocletian

The Nights When Split and The People Return Back to the Ancient Roman Times

The Nights of Diocletian, as the most popular cultural event in the city of Split, brings Split back in time when the famous Emperor Diocletian ruled the city. It presents the highlight of the Days of Diocletian because of its unique revival of history where even the guests of Split can be a part of this live ancient Roman story.

During this manifestation, the Roman legion takes over the streets of Split while the sounds of Roman music and drums echo throughout the city. Roman workshops (blacksmiths, pottery, bay crowns, etc.) and shops (roman clothes) emerge on the streets and squares of the city where you can see people strolling in togas.

Along with the ancient Roman ambient, guests can expect rich and flavourful gastronomic delights inspired by the food and drinks in Diocletian’s time, street entertainers, concerts, gladiator fights and much more.

However, the main attraction of this manifestation is Emperor Diocletian and his Empress Priska which are usually portrayed by famous Split personalities.

Emperor Diocletian and Empress Priska lead the opening and closing ceremonies.

The most important one is in which they travel by carriage, while guarded by the Roman legion, from Riva to Peristyle where they greet the crowd.

Roman Soldiers Marching the Streets in Split
Roman Soldiers Marching on Riva, Split

This is an ideal opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding of the ancient history of Split all while being completely immersed in this live ancient Roman story.


Antique Fair

Location: Fruit Square (Voćni Trg), Split
Date: 29th August – 2nd September 2018


  • Presentations of Roman clothes and footwear
  • Workshops and playgrounds for children – wooden carousel
  • Creating Roman hairstyles
  • Making laurel crowns


Location: Peristyle, Diocletian’s Palace, Split
Date: 31st August 2018, 9:00 PM (21:00)


  • Fire dance
  • Acrobatic show
  • Welcome speech of Emperor Diocletian
  • Welcome speech of Empress Priska
  • Roman guard and legion
  • Gladiator fight
  • Female gladiator revue

Diocletian’s Dinner

Location: The Diocletian’s Cellars, Diocletian’s Palace, Split
Date: 31st August 2018, 10:00 PM (22:00)

What did the first people of Split eat?

  • Degustation of Roman meals and drinks
  • Gastro show for invited people
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