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The Pirate Battle of Omiš – Event Insight by Bolt Travel

Published on 30/07/2018 by Jozo Suton
Pirate Battle of Omiš
Pirate Battle of Omiš

Omiš is almost a 2-thousand-year old city defined as the “City of Pirates” because of its well-known pirate rulership in the 12th and 13th century.

The pirates of Omiš ruled the seas from Dubrovnik to Omiš and they were the most feared crew on the Mediterranean due to the fact that they would always come out of a battle as the winner.

The pirate battle of Omiš is one of the most significant and thrilling events in Dalmatia which re-enacts the original pirate battle between the pirates of Omiš and the Venetian fleet which took place in the 13th century.

Every year on the 18th of August the reconstruction of the most famous pirate battle takes place in the Harbour of Omiš where the gathered crowd can see a live-action battle which includes cannons, firelocks, sword duels, a clash between two sailboats and much more.

The battle ends with the pirates of Omiš being the winner and the Venetians having to pay a fee in gold coins.

If you’re near Omiš on the 18th of August be sure to stop by for a one of a kind experience!

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