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Travel to Croatia: 11 New Year’s Travel Resolution Ideas for 2019

Published on 23/01/2019 by Jozo Suton
Travel to Croatia: 11 New Year's Travel Resolution Ideas for 2019
Travel to Croatia: 11 New Year’s Travel Resolution Ideas for 2019

New Year’s Travel Resolution Dilemma

At the beginning of each year, we tend to make huge plans and goals that we would like to achieve in the following 12 months. One of the common items, we love to put on our New Year’s resolution list is travel.

However, making your perfect annual travel plan can be sometimes difficult. You probably have questions like where should you go, what should you do, is anything new and different I should try, or how to make my vacation special and unforgettable. If that is the case, no worries, we have got the answer. Travel to Croatia!

New Year's Resolution - Travel to Croatia
New Year’s Resolution – Travel to Croatia

Travel to Croatia: New Year’s Travel Resolution Ideas

There are endless travel options to choose from when visiting Croatia. However, to make your life easier, we have created our own New Year’s Travel Resolution List which could help you to plan the best and unforgettable travel experiences this year in Croatia. Therefore, here is our 11 New Year’s Travel Resolution Ideas, for the perfect Croatian holiday in 2019.

  1. Visit the Most Popular Cities and Towns in Croatia
  2. Admire the Beautiful Nature of Croatia
  3. Spend Time on the Most Beautiful Beaches in Croatia
  4. Be Adventurous
  5. Explore the Adriatic Sea
  6. Eat, Sleep, Party and Repeat
  7. Taste the Croatian Cuisine
  8. Stay for a While in Croatia
  9. Learn and Develop New Skills
  10. Go on a Romantic Holiday
  11. Take an Off-The-Beaten-Track Trip

When you travel to any foreign country, there is always the indispensable idea of visiting the most popular cities and towns in that country. Imagine walking down the street, drinking coffee on prominent squares, taking pictures before famous landmarks or enjoying in the urban nightlife.

Looking at Croatia, the country has many interesting cities, towns and villages to visit. Each place is unique and special with its own landmarks, history, people and amenities (e.g. restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, museums and events).

Split - Visit the Most Popular Cities and Towns in Croatia
Split – Visit the Most Popular Cities and Towns in Croatia

The most popular places to visit in Croatia include the cities of Split, Dubrovnik and Zadar in Dalmatia; Pula and Rovinj on the Istrian Peninsula; while in the continental parts, Osijek, Varazdin and the capital city Zagreb.

Dubrovnik - Visit the Most Popular Cities and Towns in Croatia
Dubrovnik – Visit the Most Popular Cities and Towns in Croatia

Many of these places have popular tourist attractions which are protected as UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites such as Split’s Old Town Centre with Diocletian’s Palace and Dubrovnik’s Old City.

2. Admire the Beautiful Nature of Croatia

Croatia is beautiful all year round. As a major travel destination, Croatia is well-known for its breathtaking and diverse natural landscapes which underneath the sun looks like a work of art. Everywhere you go, you can find a sample of the finest Croatian nature.

National parks represent the perfect place to see the best selection of the natural landscapes available in Croatia. There are 8 national parks and each is unique and beautiful. However, the most popularly visited national park in Croatia is definitely the Plitvice Lakes National Park.

Plitvice Lakes National Park - Admire the Beautiful Nature of Croatia

As Croatia’s oldest national park and a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, the Plitvice Lakes feature 16 interconnected lakes and waterfalls which are intersected by rocky cliffs and surrounding green vegetation. The best way to get around the national park and explore all of its natural beauties is by walking on the wooden trails or taking a boat ride. Just make sure to bring your camera.

3. Spend Time on The Most Beautiful Beaches in Croatia

Spending time on the beach represents the most important thing you should do when staying on the beautiful Croatian coast during the hot seasons. There is no shortage of beaches. All of them are beautiful and pristine in its own kind. Although the majority of the beaches are covered with pebbles, there are also sandy beaches.

Golden Horn (Zlatni Rat) Beach, Bol, Croatia - Spend Time on The Most Beautiful Beaches in Croatia

If you are looking for the most popular and beautiful beach in Croatia, then you should draw your eyes onto the Golden Horn (Zlatni Rat) Beach. The Golden Horn Beach is certainly the most spectacular beach in Croatia. Situated on the southern side of the island of Brac, near the petite town of Bol, the beach is highly renowned for its iconic narrow golden shore that extends elegantly out to the sea. Because of its position, the beach offers various summer sports activities and attracts tourists from all over the world, who enjoy the sun, the sea and water sports. Just picture yourself sunbathing on the warm pebble or sandy shores, swimming in the waters of the Adriatic Sea, playing water sports or drinking coffee from a nearby beach bar.

Apartment Trapanezi - Private Beach and Beachfront Terrace

However, if you prefer a little bit of privacy, you should try to uncover hidden and secluded beaches which are scattered along the coast and on the islands. For that reason, why not stay for a week at Apartment Trapanezi on Peljesac with its own private beach. The beach features easy access to the water and a beachfront terrace where you can sunbathe and watch the beautiful scenery of the sea.

4. Be Adventurous

When you arrive at your favourite destination, do not let yourself be trapped within the four walls of your rented accommodation. Go outdoors. Be adventurous. Do something exciting and fun with your family and friends that will make your travel unique and unforgettable.

Go Outdoors. Be Adventurous.
Go Outdoors. Be Adventurous.

As previously mentioned, Croatia has beautiful and diverse natural sceneries. The best way to explore Croatia’s nature is to engage in outdoor activities. There are so many types of outdoor activities you can do.

Rafting on Cetina - Adrenaline-Pumping Sport Activities
Rafting on Cetina – Adrenaline-Pumping Sport Activities

For start, you can do some laidback leisure activities such as walking or jogging along the coast, horseback riding or hiking up the mountains and hills. If you are seeking for more thrilling outdoor activities, we suggest you to engage in adrenaline-pumping sport activities. For instance, rafting on the Cetina River or diving into the beautiful underwater world of the Adriatic Sea. Finally, if you are looking for a complete adventure where you wish to travel far and beyond, we propose you to use your boat or hire one and explore the Adriatic Sea.

5. Explore the Adriatic Sea

The Adriatic Sea is a body of water separating the Italian Peninsula from the Balkan peninsula. It is the northernmost arm of the Mediterranean Sea, extending from the Strait of Otranto to the northwest and the Po Valley.

As seen from a satellite image, Croatia lies on the Adriatic Sea where it covers an area of 128 sq. km. Croatia’s Adriatic coast is the most indented coastline in Europe with a rich archipelago which consists of more than thousands of islands, islets, hidden bays and ports.

Therefore, Croatia represents the perfect destination for taking sailing trips. For a complete adventurous travel experience, why not you take the role of a sailor and explore the Adriatic Sea.

Explore the Adriatic Sea. Set Yourself on a Sea Voyage Across the Adriatic Sea
Explore the Adriatic Sea. Set Yourself on a Sea Voyage Across the Adriatic Sea

As an idea, we propose you to leave Dubrovnik and set yourself on a sea voyage across the Adriatic Sea. Raise your sails. Sail along the beautiful Croatian coast. Put on your sunglasses and soak up the sun as you are sailing over the horizon. Inhale the fresh sea breeze. Feel the wind blowing through your hair. During your journey, stop on the main Croatian islands. Have a chance of exploring the islands’ quirky towns, splendour nature and the most popular beaches. For more privacy, be curious about finding hidden island paradises and uncovering secluded beaches. Also, give yourself a chance to dive into the amazing underwater world of the Adriatic Sea.

Dive into the Amazing Underwater World of the Adriatic Sea
Dive into the Amazing Underwater World of the Adriatic Sea

6. Eat, Sleep, Party and Repeat

If you are a party fan who loves celebrating all night long and follows the “eat, sleep, party and repeat” motto, you will never be disappointed with Croatia. Croatia is a fantastic place to party with countless clubs and secret hideaways harbouring some immerse parties. Think about spending days lazing in the sun, chilling on a boat, swimming, playing water sports, checking out the sights before the night falls and the music gets louder. When the party starts, forget about your worries, let your hair down and rock hard.

Eat, Sleep, Party and Repeat
Eat, Sleep, Party and Repeat

Anywhere you go, you can find somewhere to party. Throughout the year, especially in summer, you may find various dance and music festivals such as the world-famous Ultra Music Europe festival in Split.

Ultra Music Europe Split - Eat, Sleep, Party and Repeat
Ultra Music Europe Split

The Ultra Music Europe festival is the biggest electronic dance music (EDM) festival in Croatia and Europe. It is organised by the Ultra Worldwide organisation who organises Ultra Music Festivals around the world including the renowned Ultra Music Festival in Miami, USA.

Ultra Music Europe Split - Poljud Stadium
Ultra Music Europe Split – Poljud Stadium

The Ultra Music Europe festival is held every July in Split and on the neighbouring islands of Brac, Hvar and Vis. This year, the festival is run between 11th and 17th July. The Ultra Music Europe is eponymously named for the main party which occurs at the Poljud Stadium in Split. For 3 days, on 12th, 13th and 14th July, you will able to dance to hundreds of the best artists in electronic music. Just a day before the main event, there is an opening party in Split which serves as an introduction to the main celebration.

Ultra Beach Festival on Hvar (Ultra Music Europe in Split)
Ultra Beach Festival on Hvar (Ultra Music Europe in Split)

After the event has ended, the party moves to Brač and Hvar with their own Ultra Music parties such as the Regatta Party on Brač and the intimate Ultra Beach festival on Hvar. On the final day of the festival, there is a Resistance closing party which is organised on the island of Vis.

When the dance music festivals are over, you can continue to party at the trendiest bars and nightclubs available in every place in Croatia.

The best place to experience Croatia’s nightlife is on Zrce Beach, near the town of Novalja on Pag Island. All around the world, Zrce Beach is recognised as the key party destination in Croatia with the best clubs, well-known dance music festivals and all-day entertainment options available throughout the entire summer.

7. Taste Croatian Cuisine

Any devoted food lover will say that the best way to truly know a destination’s culture is through its local cuisine. Therefore, if you are planning to travel to Croatia this year, you should definitely taste the delicious food that Croatia has to offer.

Taste Croatian Cuisine

As an emerging food destination, Croatia has a diverse cuisine that offers high-quality delicious produces and dishes which range from fish and meats to local grown fruit and vegetables. Also, Croatia has an excellent choice of wine and alcoholic beverages that are domestically produced. No matter where you are, there is always something good to indulge.

Green Market Pazar in Split
Green Market Pazar in Split

In the morning, you should visit local green markets, such as the popular Green Market Pazar in Split, where you can buy and sample fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables. During the day or in the evening, you can pay a visit to fancy restaurants or traditional style taverns known as “konobas” where you can order delicious meals made from freshly grown local produces. Moreover, from time to time, you can visit well-known local festivals and events which are organised for different occasions and where they offer you an opportunity to taste some local dishes.

Taste Croatian Cuisine - Vineyards in Croatia

Besides from tasting food in popular cities and towns, it is also worthwhile for you to visit nearby farms and vineyards. At the farms and vineyards, you can learn how local farmers and wine makers produce their local produces and assist them in agriculture activities where, in return, you will be able to indulge in the fruit of their hard labour.

8. Stay for a While in Croatia

Whether you are planning to travel for a couple of days, a week, a fortnight, an entire month or an indefinite time period, it is essential to book an accommodation in your destination. Although a hotel is a trendy place to stay, hotels are usually expensive and do not offer enough comfort and space. As a result, many people lean towards booking holiday properties such as apartments and villas where for the right value they can feel comfortable like at home.

Therefore, if you are looking for the perfect holiday accommodation to stay while visiting Croatia, do not worry, we will help you. On Bolt Travel’s website, you can find our selection of holiday properties located in Croatia.

Palace Ciprianis - Enjoy the Feel of History Right in Centre of Split
Palace Ciprianis – Enjoy the Feel of History Right in Centre of Split

If you have wishes of staying in the very heart of Split, we suggest you to book Palace Ciprianis which is situated on the corner of the town’s main square with an incredible position in the Diocletian’s palace where you can feel the history right in the centre of Split.

Apartment SUTTON 2, Podstrana (Split) - Enjoy Having Barbecues While Watching the Breathtaking Views

For those who plan to stay near the beach but very close to Split, why not book Apartment Sutton 2 which is located just a 15-min drive from Split. The apartment features a large terrace where you can enjoy having barbecues while watching the breathtaking views of the sea, surrounding islands and Split.

Apartment Kordić - Poolside Retreat

However, if you plan to stay near the beach but very close to Trogir, then we suggest you to book Apartment Kordic A1 or Apartment Kordic A2, a poolside retreat. Both apartments are located in Slatine, Čiovo, just a 10-min drive from Trogir and only a minute walk to beach. They feature a great outdoor space with a relaxing swimming pool, outdoor space and massive barbecue/pizza oven.

Apartment Trapanezi - Private Beach Paradise

Finally, for those who would love to be right on the beach, we recommend you to stay at Apartment Trapanezi 1 or Apartment Trapanezi 2, a private beach paradise in Trpanj, Peljesac, which features a private beach with easy access to the sea and two beachfront terraces where you can sunbathe, drink coffee and watch the beautiful scenery of the sea.

While you are staying in Croatia, be encouraged to make new Croatian friends and adopt some Croatian traditions and customs so you can better immerse yourself into the local lifestyle.

9. Learn and Develop New Skills

Some people go on ordinary trips while on vacation; others love to roll up their sleeves and learn new skills. If you fall into the latter category, you can be certain that there are many things to do for obtaining new knowledge and skills while staying in Croatia which may make your journey fulfilled.

Just to name a few, firstly, we suggest you learn to speak Croatian language. What a better way to learn the language, than by going to the country where it is mostly spoken. It is enough to learn the common Croatian phrases, absorb basic vocabulary and try to show your newly acquired skill.

By learning the language, it will help you easily communicate with the local and likewise the local will show more appreciation towards you. Also, it gives you a chance to show off your new skills to friends and family.

However, if you prefer doing some physical activities, we suggest you to visit Croatian farms and help local farmers in their agricultural activities.

Learn how to ride a horse, milk a cow, feed the chickens, harvest the vineyards, olive trees and collect fruit and vegetables. Afterwards, participate food preparation activities, such as making olive oil and wines, drying and smoking meats and cooking wonderful meals with freshly picked ingredients. At last, as a reward, enjoy in tasting the fruits of their labour.

The same idea goes if you would like to try to help any local fishermen in their maritime activities, such as learning how to catch fish, making fish nets, cleaning the fish and similar.

10. Go on a Romantic Holiday

Despite the newest trend of solo travel, there is always something pretty special about experiencing a place in real-time with the person you love. Being able to travel and see new and ancient sites, be spontaneous, have the greatest meals of your life and altogether share the same experience with your love partner which brings you closer together.

For that reason, if you are looking somewhere to spend quality time with your partner, Croatia is the right destination to have your romantic holiday.

Go on a Romantic Holiday to Dubrovnik, Croatia

For the entire year, especially on Valentine’s Day and during summer holidays, we recommend you to visit the lovely town of Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is by far the most popular town to visit in Croatia. It is often nicknamed the Pearl of the Adriatic.

The nickname is justified for the astonishing picturesque fortress-like old town which expands into the sea. Just by looking at different pictures, you can see how precious is Dubrovnik.

The town’s warm ambience, scenic beaches and monumental buildings of the Old Town draw countless couples for weekend getaways, offering refuge in the otherworldly streets, secluded corners and charming local restaurants serving the region’s best dishes.

Heart-Shape Island (Galesnjak)
Heart-Shape Island (Galesnjak)

If you are for something more romantic, then why not travel to the island of Galesnjak. Galesnjak island is an uninhabited island, located in the Adriatic Sea between the Dalmatian Coast near Zadar and Pasman island.

The island is so distinctive from other Croatian islands because of its unique heart shape which gain worldwide attention in 2009 when Google Earth captured the island. After the global sensation contributed by Google Earth, the island has been christened as the “Isle of Love”, “Lovers’ Island” and “Love Island”, amongst other colourful names. It is also currently one of the most favourite couples’ destinations on the planet.

Therefore, if you decide to go on a romantic trip to Galesnjak island, we propose you to spend quality time with your love partner in a romantic picnic, laying down at the beach and swimming in the beautiful blue Adriatic Sea.

11. Take an Off-The-Beaten-Track Trip

When travelling to Croatia, many people love to stick to the same travel routine where they visit the same places, take similar tours and do one and the same activities. Sometimes, this can be so tiresome.

Therefore, if you are looking for new ways to explore Croatia, we recommend you few ideas. To begin with, we recommend you to try explore less-visited regions and their places such as Zagorje, Slavonia and Lika. While exploring these regions, be sure to stop at some of the well-known places for instance Varazdin and Osijek where they offer its own charm and atmosphere.

Next, if you are more curious, we suggest to discover other secret travel destinations in Croatia, such as the mentioned romantic heart-shape Galesnjak island or Sipan island, located just off the coast of Dubrovnik.

Finally, if you wish to visit Croatia in other parts of the year rather than in summer, we propose you to see Croatia beyond the main season.

Spring and Autumn in Croatia
Spring and Autumn in Croatia

Spring and autumn are good alternative seasons for travelling to Croatia when you can explore your favourite destination while enjoy the benefits such as low prices of travel commodities, fewer tourists and mild temperatures.

Winter in Croatia
Winter in Croatia

Even winter has proven to be a wonderful time to visit Croatia. Especially around Christmas and New Year’s Eve when the whole natural landscape becomes covered in snow and ice while you are visiting the popular Christmas Fairs such as the best and biggest Christmas Market in Zagreb.

Christmas Market in Zagreb
Christmas Market in Zagreb


This was our New Year’s travel resolution list for 2019. After reading all our travel ideas, we hope that this article has helped you in making your own New Year’s travel resolution list and inspired you to plan your perfect and unforgettable Croatian holiday.

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