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Welcome to Bolt Travel Blog

Published on 26/02/2018 by Jozo Suton
Welcome to Bolt Travel Blog

The Place of Travel Inspirations

This blog is created by a group of young people with strong interests and experience in travel. The purpose of the blog is that it serves as a place where you, members and visitors, can find and read travel-related articles that can help you get inspired and plan your future travel holidays while staying at our accommodations.

On this blog, you can read articles that explore each destination in general and through different aspects of travelling, depending on your preferences of travelling, such as learning about the culture and customs, gastronomy, natural landscapes and local events.

You may also find articles that give travel tips and insights, provide lists of recommended things to do, places to go that are based on our travel expertise with the information collected from local people living in these destinations.

Altogether, by visiting our blog, we hope that it will help you gain a perfect understanding and image of the described destinations with detailed guiding information and high-quality photos. Trusting that it will inspire you and help you imagine and plan a perfect holiday while staying at our holiday homes.

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